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#27617 - 12 March 01 5:48 pm - America/Chicago prostitution
milkman Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 27 February 01
Posts: 5
Loc: Gardner, MA, USA
I conduted a search and found no comments on prostitution. My question is are there areas or towns to avoid if traveling with children? Is it legal in belize or is it a major crime? I think its important to know what to expect. All replies welcome, pros & cons.

#27618 - 12 March 01 7:20 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
Lan Sluder/Belize First Offline

Registered: 25 February 01
Posts: 368
Loc: Asheville, NC USA
There are brothels in Belize City, Cayo and Orange Walk Town and elsewhere, but unless you go looking for them you won't know they are there.

--Lan Sluder

#27619 - 13 March 01 12:26 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
gpg Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08 March 01
Posts: 11
Loc: israel
I was just over.Felt completely safe down in Punta Gorda (as a woman travelling for the first time without husband and children)but didn`t feel too safe in Corozal until I met up with the Zahnisers of who are great people.Turns out the hotel I was in,which was recommended by guidebooks,had once been used for something else ! The residential areas of Corozal were lovely,and maybe it was just a feeling of culture shock after enjoying tiny friendly PG so much.On the whole I would recommend Belize for kids- we`re saving up to take our 4 over for an extended period.Enjoy!

#27620 - 13 March 01 11:24 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
Cinca Offline

Registered: 30 March 02
Posts: 1280
Loc: Riyadh, KSA
Which place were you in, so that other single females don't have the same experience?

#27621 - 15 March 01 6:14 am - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
gpg Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08 March 01
Posts: 11
Loc: israel
Nestors.Also the tap in the washbasin didn`t work,there was a hole in the mosquito netting,and the chain in the toilet kept falling off ( I wonder when he`ll discover the safety pin I used to hold it together!)BUT- the food there was excellent and the girls working there were all very nice and helpful.

#27622 - 15 March 01 11:26 am - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
atom Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 22 February 01
Posts: 10
Loc: San Francisco, CA usa
GPG, did you also go to Placencia? How does PG compare? I went to Placencia a couple of months ago and LOVED it!

#27623 - 15 March 01 11:27 am - America/Chicago Re: prostitution

i would think that others might want to experience rather than not ,since it is past tense.i used to give a christmas dinner every year to 24 ,none belizean.
all with children back in honduras,dominican,guat,el salvador, and so is illegal in belize by the way.but, before you north americans decide what is best let me tell you a little story.

#27624 - 15 March 01 12:01 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution

this is not complicated nor delicate.
why do you come to belize? adventure?pioneer?
freedom? ok, if its one of those you need to leave at the place where you come from ,most of your ideas about how the world should be.
there was a salvadoraen family living close by. i say, they lived close by, because i was already there.the man and woman had four children.he took care of cattle for a belizean. we visted once in a while.a north american woman(past tense girlfriend)decided to tell the wife of the cowhand that she didnt have to have anymore children. that there were ways of preventing that and one of them being just stop sex. what a concept. a few days later we saw the woman with a black eye and a week later the house burned down.please leave your ideas of how it should be at home. you will only cause grief to ones you dont even know. come for adventure,holiday, whatever and be where you are; not where you would like it to be. it is not all roses and certainly not a paradise.

#27625 - 15 March 01 1:52 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution
swamper Offline

Registered: 27 February 01
Posts: 157
Loc: Florida
Catweasel,women are not breeding stock,and,no man should be able to just beat any woman.If that's being an arrogant American,so what!

[This message has been edited by swamper (edited 03-15-2001).]

#27626 - 15 March 01 2:20 pm - America/Chicago Re: prostitution

i agree swamper ,but i didnt come from el salvador which is all catholic.which just makes the point again.

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