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#251430 - 18 September 16 6:35 pm - America/Chicago Alternatives to Belmopan Office
BeddaDayz Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 23 February 16
Posts: 16
Hey, folks! Another question in our regular issues with immigration. We spent the better part of last year being told by Belmopan immigration that we need to get a work permit to be here past 6 months, despite the fact that we don't need work to live in Belize. All we're doing is spending our money in the Belize economy, and it's a hassle each month when we travel to Belmopan.

Belmopan has gotten so bad with the officers visibly being bribed so that folks get a better place in the line, the long waits, and the pure chaos of it all. Going to get a passport extension is an all day process. Just last month friends of our arrived at 7:30 a.m. and were turned away because the officer said there were no numbers left. He stared down the man for 10 minutes, and they gave him a number.

However, it's still an all day process that eventually ends in a stamp, but not without a very frustrating day.

We've tried to go to other immigration offices - thinking an Immigration Office is an Immigration Office - but were turned away last time because we went to one outside the area we were living in at the time.

So, curious. Do you know of any reason why the Office would say such a thing? Is there a way to get an official answer from Immigration. It seems to change every month what is the rules or "law".

Can we go to a different office? Is there a simpler way to get through immigration each month that we haven't explored?

#251431 - 19 September 16 6:57 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
Breezy Offline


Registered: 06 November 08
Posts: 924
Loc: Ladyville
Really a shame having to read this it makes no sense for miserable attitudes. You can get stamped in Belize City, I can't see the revelance of where you live. Why not try to get an appointment with the head of immigration in Belmopan and get information straight from the horses mouth. Hope things go smoother for you in the future.

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#251432 - 19 September 16 7:55 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
Dave Bunk Offline


Registered: 02 September 05
Posts: 5197
Loc: Punta Gorda Belize
We went through this when we were in the process. First it was OK to go to Belize City and then they changed and we had to go to Belmopan each month. Makes no sense but they make the rules up as they go along. Every time the minister of immigration changed so did the rules and we went through 3 ministers during the process.

#251433 - 19 September 16 7:59 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: Breezy]
NevadaJoe Offline

Registered: 27 January 11
Posts: 119
Loc: Winnipeg, Manitoba
I heard there is an office in Dangriga.

#251435 - 19 September 16 1:34 pm - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
flyfisherman Offline


Registered: 12 July 10
Posts: 425
North Americans are conditioned to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, often to their detriment.
If you are here on a tourist visa, you are a tourist.
Last time I looked tourists can move around most countries, Belize being one of them.
You go to Belize city, (for example),when they ask you where you are staying you give them a hotel.
You are on tourist status, have every right to travel around and ostensibly look for your dream retirement destination.
They are far too lazy to check hotel accommodations but this is easily circumvented by a simple "We're checking in today".
If it makes you feel any better call a hotel first and ask if they have space, how much, etc., then you can persuade even yourself that you are legit.
Those people who have tried to do it and made the mistake of already letting it be known they stay permanently in another district may have a more difficult time.
I maintain that even you have the right to ponder a visit to another district, act like you do when you speak to them.

#251438 - 19 September 16 4:49 pm - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
britinbelize Online   content


Registered: 01 June 14
Posts: 313
Loc: Bay area CA + Belmopan
This is odd my son was never pressured into going for the self employment option has never been refused a number (had to come back next day a few times when more people than office hours) never asked to or paid for any number or line jumping. If you do not have a number and it is the last day of your 30 days you would be illegal that is why they check your number when told to come back next day, that way you do stay legal. Yes it is a frustrating all day process but he's hoping it will stop soon he is supposedly just that last interview away. he's been in Belize since September 2013 but he messed up on his time out of country first year so took a break and holiday started again in sept 2014 so one year into application process. used San Ignatio/Cayo office for first 8 months but since moving to Belmopan that is office he has used staff turnover there is fast so can't often find someone who knows your case, and some staffare defenately not user friendly as it were.
We came to the states for our last adventure before we die but as we didn't die yet, there is time for another adventure this time back to Belize.

#251439 - 21 September 16 5:35 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
JohnP Offline


Registered: 26 August 11
Posts: 763
Loc: Michigan / Sittee River
Dangriga and Big Creek are good places to go. I actually find Big Creek to be the easiest. The same guys who stamps your passport takes the money.

I Dangriga you go to immigrations they take your passport and hand you a slip of paper. Then you walk to the south end of the building and pay at a different office. Walk back and give them the receipt. You get stamped and off you go.

#251575 - 05 November 16 4:48 pm - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
BeddaDayz Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 23 February 16
Posts: 16
You guys are awesome. Thanks!

We'll be trying some of these things until it gets better in Bmp.

Nice to at least know it's not just us, I guess.

#251581 - 08 November 16 8:57 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: BeddaDayz]
Osprey Offline


Registered: 22 March 04
Posts: 166
Loc: Placencia, Cape Cod, MA
I agree that Big Creek is definitely the easiest and Dangriga is not a problem either. I have used both many times. When in Belmopan on other business, we went to get our visas renewed. The place was a madhouse! It was full of temporary workers getting their visas renewed. After waiting a while we were ushered into a different room with almost no line and were done in a few minutes. We never gave anyone a bribe and I still don't understand the process.

#252912 - 01 December 17 9:21 am - America/Chicago Re: Alternatives to Belmopan Office [Re: Dave Bunk]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 243
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
We renewed our visas in Belmopan on 11/21/17. A new policy allowed us to get a two-month extension to Jan '18. We were also able to make an appointment for the January visit! We'll see how that works out.

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