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#252372 - 16 June 17 7:14 am - America/Chicago Septic system
patje73 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 20 July 16
Posts: 12
Need some tips and/or info for a septic system with soak away to build in concrete blocks. It is for a small cabanna 2 persons. What dimensions should I built the tank?
The parcel is off grid, Dangriga area. Parcel is lush tropical bush with, in my opinion, high groundwater level. So I would like to use some waterproof product on the concrete blocks, so that no groundwater can enter the tank. Any suggestion?


#252374 - 16 June 17 9:08 am - America/Chicago Re: Septic system [Re: patje73]
jstewartpa Offline


Registered: 17 May 12
Posts: 1001
Loc: Pennsylvania and Hopkins
I believe a 3 tank system is now mandatory in Belize. Size should be based on anticipated usage. The folks at Royale construction at the Hopkins junction are very knowledgeable.
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#252376 - 16 June 17 10:20 am - America/Chicago Re: Septic system [Re: patje73]
britinbelize Online   content


Registered: 01 June 14
Posts: 288
Loc: Bay area CA + Belmopan
When did that come into force? In rural Cayo we just needed a septic tank dug and lined etc, and a soak away. There were some info about distances but I left my builder to follow those instructions. Don't know if it is just my builders preference but after initial pit dug out he let it weather for 4 weeks before lining, claimed it was to check on water table of the land to see if adjustments needed.
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#252379 - 16 June 17 8:17 pm - America/Chicago Re: Septic system [Re: patje73]
D InTheShade Offline


Registered: 01 February 08
Posts: 964
Loc: Calgary, Mile 5 Southern Hwy
Here is the link for a CBA specified septic tank and soak away.

All good plumbers know, $#!t runs down hill and payday is,,,
To provide the proper effluent break-down, the septic tank should be near full (height of discharge pipe out) all the time unless 3rd chamber is pumped out to field in full doses.
If it's not water proof and ground water is very low it would leak out and maybe not fill enough for break-down.
If it's not water proof and the ground water is just right it does not matter. The pressure will equalise between the inside and outside and should not flow through the porous block either way.
If it's water proof or not and the ground water gets above the discharge pipe, you're pooched. Keep the inlet and discharge pipe elevation as high as possible. unfortunately this may result in the tank projecting out of the ground. Can be hidden with a flower bed.
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#252809 - 14 October 17 3:22 pm - America/Chicago Re: Septic system [Re: jstewartpa]
loudsecret Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 21 February 17
Posts: 3
That would be one tank with 3 chambers, which Royale sells for approx. $3600 BZD. (No, I do not work for Royale) Also, rules are different in Cayo than Dangriga because the water table is high in coastal areas. Ministry of Health typically requires near-shore locations to use an elevated leachfield. Soakaways are still allowed in the Cayo but I wouldn't recommend using one if you have an on-site potable water well. Soakaways don't treat the water, they just dump it (bacteria, nitrogen, and all) directly into the ground. In case you didn't know nitrogen converts to nitrates in the aerobic soil just above the water table (in Cayo too), which can get into drinking water and cause things like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). A leachfield spreads the water out over a greater area to allow for better treatment. These need to be designed according to soil type and (if you follow rules) government design rules for leachfields. Caution, don't skate by using Belize's bare minimum septic recommendations to protect your health. Be careful. Poor septic design can lead to a number of diseases and infections. (there are valid reasons for the septic rules in your country of origin)

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