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#252629 - 18 August 17 7:54 pm - America/Chicago Question of land within sub division.
britinbelize Online   content


Registered: 01 June 14
Posts: 268
Loc: Bay area CA + Belmopan
I do not knw if anyone will know the answer to this. If a land owner has a large lot an decides to sub divide. For example a lot of 12 acres wants to make 10 lots for sale. To ensure that each of the new owners can reach their land the land owner puts in a road through the property. the Land department puts in the new markers for the 10 lots.
My question. In adding up the land mass of the 10 new lots only makes up to 10and a half acres. the remaining 1 and 1/2 acres land being the new access road through the lots.
Who owns the road, and who is responsible for its up keep?
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#252630 - 18 August 17 8:00 pm - America/Chicago Re: Question of land within sub division. [Re: britinbelize]
dkafka Offline


Registered: 05 February 11
Posts: 173
Loc: Placencia Belize
it depends how you subdivide it. I have seen people put parcel numbers on the lots to make them private. then the developer would be responsible for upkeep.

if you don't then the government would be responsible but we know that will only be every once in a blue moon if at all.
David Kafka
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#252634 - 19 August 17 8:49 am - America/Chicago Re: Question of land within sub division. [Re: britinbelize]
D InTheShade Offline


Registered: 01 February 08
Posts: 962
Loc: Calgary, Mile 5 Southern Hwy
The GOB owns the access roads also R.O.W. for utilities.
The Minister of Public Works is responsible for road up keep.
They are not likely going to fix subdivision roads.
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#252636 - 19 August 17 1:07 pm - America/Chicago Re: Question of land within sub division. [Re: britinbelize]
Dave Bunk Online   embarrased


Registered: 02 September 05
Posts: 5172
Loc: Punta Gorda Belize
They might send a grader in every 4 or 5 years if you complain alot or sell on of the lots to a relative in GOB in power. That is as often as they grade ours no matter how bad it gets, no relatives on ours.

#252639 - 20 August 17 7:09 am - America/Chicago Re: Question of land within sub division. [Re: britinbelize]
KatieValk Online   content


Registered: 13 November 03
Posts: 3668
Loc: Belize City and Placencia
Not sure what the law says, so better get this answered by a good lawyer, but I lived to two 'private communities' in Belize City and Ladyville. Private only because both were developed by a good friend of the pup. So udp did not fix the interior roads. But remember, its private, so.....

We proposed and the Mayor accepted our proposal to pay in advance about 3 yrs property taxes and we will have a private contractor pave our interior roads. And my neck is grateful.

So many ways to skin a cat, so to speak.
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#252640 - 20 August 17 8:00 am - America/Chicago Re: Question of land within sub division. [Re: britinbelize]
Breezy Offline


Registered: 06 November 08
Posts: 917
Loc: Ladyville
My understanding is once the developer paves the road the government will then take them on and technically maintain them but until paved they are the responsibility of the developer.


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