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#252293 - 16 May 17 7:44 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 240
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
"It's not the quantity of life, it's the quality."

"Vacation" and "palliative" are dominant themes. The definition of palliative:

1. (of a medicine or medical care) relieving pain without dealing with the cause of the condition.

1. a palliative remedy, medicine, etc.
synonyms: painkiller, analgesic, pain reliever, sedative, tranquilizer, anodyne, calmative, opiate, bromide

Oh! and incidentally, you can talk with a doctor two times during your week's vacation.
Reilly and/or Spouse,

#252296 - 16 May 17 9:41 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
GZboat Offline


Registered: 18 June 06
Posts: 2472
Loc: Tarpon Springs, Fl./Copper Ban...
Why do I have this gut feeling that "alternative medicine" bears a striking resemblance to "alternative facts"? Yet another "Gringa in Belize"!
P.S. Gringo in Belize

Edited by GZboat (16 May 17 9:54 am - America/Chicago)

#252302 - 16 May 17 3:26 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Reilly]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
I really don't understand how Amanda Mary can say " The is a humanitarian project, not a personal one."

Maybe the word financial could be used to replace "personal".

As in my first post on this thread I included a link that definitely seemed financial rather than humanitarian in nature.
It advertised a 21 day stay costing $25000.00 (USD) Excluding the cost of any treatments .

It went on to explain the following treatments were available.

Intravenous GcMAF , Ozone Therapy, Stem Cell Treatment, Oxygen therapy, Chelation, DMSO I.V, Vitamin C I.V, homeopathy, voll measurement testing. As well as other treatments and services.

This was when the center was being advertised as being based at the Copper Beach Resort.

Still at least the cost of accommodation and food has been reduced as now it is 3000 US per week * rather than the original 25000 US it cost for 21 days. I just hope that the 16,000 reduction does not indicate a reduction in standards. Such a drastic price drop in just under 2 months doesn't inspire confidence in the pricing or business model. Mind you neither does the following.
* If choose the self catering option the 3000 US per week is reduced down to 2000 US. Wow just wow, 142 US per day for 3 meals for one person!

I am not sure if the money is to still be paid via Western union or paypal? Payment methods used by the most reputable medical centers.

It is still unclear as to were this project is based. As on the 16th April 2017
" newly renovated facility has brand new patient rooms, all of which have amazing views from all rooms" and is "located along the beautiful azure lagoon in Progresso, Corozal," [Taken from a screen] shot.

So you would think they would be able to use pictures of their own "facility" Rather than those of other businesses /properties

But not so, as the recent photos on the Healing Oracles website and the cleverly worded "Beautiful accommodations while being treated," along with the "Snapshots of the nearby living quarters and facility grounds." Show what seems to be an old photo of The Copper Inn and interior photos of the Crimson Orchid Inn

Maybe the actual "center" is in the process of being built?
As google search of "Healing Oracle Center" found

Outpatient Appointments – Healing Oracle
The Healing Oracle center is for Holistic and complimentary Medicine. This is the largest private medical sector provider of Holistic medicine in Belize. It seems to be portraying itself as an out patients center only. Which makes sense of the alternatieve accommodation photographs [see earlier] It also mentions Amanda's two previously successful clinics in Mexico and Bulgaria.
The Outpatient Therapies and costs make interesting reading!

The Belize Oracle Care Center YouTube video Published on May 8, 2017 states

" the Oracle center is a Family vacation in paradise for those suffering from terminal illness’s or in palliative care."

"...This is one of the reasons why we opened the Oracle centre."

"The Oracle center is scheduled to open on June 1st, 2017[."

So very soon it should be able to use it's own photos and not those of others.

Edited by Bobok (17 May 17 8:08 pm - America/Chicago)
Edit Reason: more info added

#252304 - 16 May 17 5:27 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
Dave Bunk Offline


Registered: 02 September 05
Posts: 5175
Loc: Punta Gorda Belize
I wonder if John M sits on the board?

#252333 - 28 May 17 7:49 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Dave Bunk]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
Wow just wow.

I have just found four other people who have covered Amanda Mary Jewell's foray into Belize. In reality they cover the same ground as can be found here but were worth reading to see other peoples take on the subject.

I had not realized that Amanda generates so much interest but once I started reading I understood why

Also all four give a good historical account of Amanda's other various adventures. If you have the time and inclination I would urge you to take a look. Although fair enough if you decide not to. As Amanda's various escapades make time consuming reading.

Firstly Malarkey, as this originates from her time as an agent/ developer/hotelier/and her illegal healing center in Bulgarian cir 2007 to her present day activities.. For a good understanding I would suggest people read the full 12 pages. As it has much information and all the press coverage Amanda has accumulated. The story starts slowly at page 1, it soon becomes informative and is funny in parts. It also covers her stint as a genesis 11 Bishop an organisation she remains close to via her friendships.

The website even has a 50 page coverage of Amanda's and her then partners hotel debacle, Which ran from 2007 to 2010, But I digress. This covers Belize at the bottom of 11.

For a lighter and sightly humorous account of Amanda's time in Bulgaria scroll to Dig deep for Doug Your wallet his Credibility see I recommend this page as it does give a good understanding of how and when Amanda became a "cancer expert"

Or when she was a "Lawyer"

Secondly someone called Clyde Smut writes about Amanda setting up in Belize
With much humour and insight. Smut starts covering Amanda in 2015 when she came to the attention of the British press concerning her close relationship with Gennis 11 church. and follows on to the present day. Sadly I could not find a way to put the various post into chronological order.

Thirdly there is the German HIV Blogger DORA Who also has been covering Amanda's interest in Belize. You would need to use google chrome translate, if like me you don't speak German. Dora has also done many other articles covering Amanda on another blog.
The HIV blogs mainly cover quack cures but the groups and Dora's initial interest in Amanda stemmed from her claims to have cured HIV using the equivalent of industrial breach. Page 2 of the link I have given again provides humour when it covers "DO NOT EAT THOSE PRINGLES, CANNIBAL!" You have to scroll down but you will find a good example of the kind of knowledge and wisdom Amanda expounds.

Lastly there is Fiona Oleary who runs a campaign against quack cures that claim to cure autism. Ms Oleary has extensively covered Amanda as a google search will show

There are quite a few more people/bloggers who have covered Amanda but I think the above gives a good understanding of the issues that surround her and her close associates.

I am assuming that the people in Belize who supported her and sang her praises [although now silent] or those that Amanda herself named were not aware of her history. At least I hope that they were not.

All the above did make me wonder if there actually is any clinic in Belize. Given the avoidance of actually giving a physical location; the reliance on other business's photographs and that the Healing Oracle website seems to be based in Canada not Belize. Not forgetting the licences and insurance that would be required.
If it is an existing entity I wonder who is fronting it with the Belize authorities as it can not be Amanda as she is not a Belize resident, having only recently arrived from her year in Mexico.

Edited by Bobok (29 May 17 6:52 am - America/Chicago)

#252350 - 30 May 17 8:40 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
"Thirdly there is the German HIV Blogger DORA Who also has been covering Amanda's interest in Belize. You would need to use google chrome translate, if like me you don't speak German."

It is an Italian not German blog. No idea as to why I typed German rather than Italian. I don't drink so it wasn't that.

Also it turns out that Amanda Mary Jewell does seem to be based in Progresso [As her Healing Oracle website gives directions]

However Amanda's directions are copied verbatim from Who's directions are to the Belize Land Office, Progresso.

The only difference is right at the end, as were the original ends with "Congratulations on your good direction skills" Amanda amends it to "Congratulations on your good direction skills and WELCOME to Healing Oracle!."

Very odd. Maybe Amanda has brought the offices of the Belize Land Office, and that is were the Healing Oracles outpatient clinic is based, while the accommodation for the various "health" packages it advertises are being built. If so why can't they be transparent about it? It would make them look a lot less shady.

So the jury is still out. I really cant't believe that even she[having read her history] would put up directions if she wasn't actually based there.

If her center is actually based in Progresso; whether there is accommodation or licences to receive the sick or the dying is still unproved.

Edited by Bobok (30 May 17 11:34 pm - America/Chicago)
Edit Reason: added content

#252353 - 31 May 17 2:20 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: AmandaMary]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 240
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
AmandaMary, you must be aware of the discussions about the clinic during the past few weeks.

Please bring us up to date and correct our misconceptions.

Reilly and/or Spouse,

#252392 - 23 June 17 5:50 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Reilly]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15

Well Reilly the Ocracle Amanda Mary Jewell did not return to this thread and provide clarity and GZboat’s well-chosen Gringo in Belize may need to be supplanted by a new anthem.

It was all a bit confusing as the center had advertised it various services starting in February and has been asking for 50% deposits ever since. With much of the blurb indicating that the center was up and running. There were also some other anomalies.

It finally emerged that the center was actually opening on the 1st June. Amanda even gave a link on this thread that stated the opening date.
The written blurb that appears with the video is archived here.

So I expected there to be a fanfare of an announcement of this amazing new Health Center. Coverage in the local Belize if not international press. An opening ceremony with local dignities in attendance. At very least an even bigger social media push for the sales of the centers various [expensive] services; than had occurred over the previous 4 months.

But what did we get nada, nothing, silence no big opening, nothing in the local press and surprisingly no mention at all in any of her various social media of Belize or the center. All the advertising stopped, and in fact the Health Center has not been mentioned since the chessey/cringy video advert of the 12th May.Linked above.

Which is very odd, as there has been nothing for 5 weeks. While as I have already said from Feb to May ; they went all out in advertising and asking for 50 % deposits to secure placements
Amanda who is not in Belize at present. Does not mention the Belize Center at all in her various social media sites.

She had much bigger news to spread and although it was not included in her Healing Oracle website. It has dominated her various Facebook pages.


Having been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in the UK, USA and Australia.

I am not making this up but Amanda is. Why she feels the need to so shamelessly seek sympathy and support via social media is not clear, but that is what she is doing.

It is totally untrue. last April, she was asked to attend an interview under caution by the fairly toothless UK Tradings Standards but she declined to attend and choose to remain in Mexico. She was not arrested let alone sentenced to 10 years, she even returned to the UK unhindered later in the year. Someone even took a photograph at the time and gave it to the BBC when they covered her last September.
The same is true for America and Australia no court case or sentence exists.

This is not something you could be in any doubt about. Nobody could mistakenly think that they had received a 10 year prison sentence, let alone 3. Amanda cant at a later date say she was mistaken. There either has been a court case and a sentence or there hasn't. In this case there have been neither in any country.

To claim you have received; in your absence, 10 year custodian sentences in three different countries

1. Doesn’t inspire confidence in either Amanda or her Center [where ever that is] To warrant 10 years in jail you would have had to have committed a serious crime, let alone to get that sentence in 3 different counties.

2.To state that you have three custodial 10 year sentences when it is totally untrue is really weird. But its truly perverse, when you are trying to persuade people that you are a respectable cancer expert running a legitimate alternative health center for the very sick and dying.

So in Amanda’s own words

Were she starts the first of her five posts covering her “story “ on the 9th June, the last of which ends on the 12th June and no new posts on anything have been added after. The normal health updates and everything else she usually posts are non existent since the 12th.

Mother Nature and You 9 June at 17:37 ·

"I received a 10 year prison sentence for speaking publicly about apricot seeds in UK, USA and Australia. They just needed me, a cancer researcher of almost 2 decades quiet. This article tells further truth about B17. I would never use it as an alone product but as part of a protocol combining Cannabis full spectrum oil, GcMaf, vit D, K2 and stem cells it really has seen the most wonderful results with restoring health back to cancer patients."

I do like how in the comments section beneath this post Amanda even manages an advert for her services, but no mention of the Belize center is made any were.
“Mother Nature and You
GcMaf Products available and Pricing.
We distribute GcMaf worldwide, we distribute from USA, Mexico, Europe and Canada, we dispatch…
Reply · 10 June at 04:37”

Or a post from 10th June

“…i spoke publicly about apple and apricot seeds having a nutritional value and got a 10 year prison sentence in UK, US, Australia and was not allowed to enter Canada.”

Yet more can be found on her Amanda Mary Facebook page Were the same five posts about the prison sentences, from the 10th to the 13th June Then again nothing.

And yet more on the Healing Oracle Facebook page were the story is featured 3 times although interspersed between other post. But again no new posts about anything since the 12th

So Reilly if there was a lack of clarity before there certainly is now.

As it is categorically not true that she has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the UK or else were.

So why would Amanda insist that she has? After all who would want to be treated by an international fugitive .Its not exactly a selling point.

The answer could be straight forward. Maybe Amanda’s modus operandi whenever she is in in trouble or wants to avoid something negative , is to create false drama to divert attention and drum up support.

As it was well documented that she did just that when when Trading Standards first visited her in the UK in 2015 [they spoke to her but no action was taken, but it resulted in the British Press exposed her yet again. After this Amanda fled briefly to Dominica in a wheel chair claiming she was in danger initially from the UK authorities.[she wasn't] then her life was under threat Dominicans and then from ”big pharma” but she managed to return, a couple of weeks later safely to the UK. At this time the false threat to her life did get support form various conspiracy sites and this is how she meet the “independent journalist” she mentioned earlier on this thread.

I will find the newspaper links and add them tomorrow.

#252393 - 23 June 17 6:10 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Bobok]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
A while back the Healing Oracle website published a list of the Belize Health Centers three members of staff. It doesn't inspire confidence.

Someone suggested that the said staff may not know they had been co opted so I am not putting links, as two of them are people in Belize [the third appears to be a very old photo of someone Amanda worked with in Belize but with a total name change]

Given a few of the discrepancies concerning Amanda's [she also uses the name Mary] health center; *together with the information in the post above this. the suggestion that the said staff may not know they had been co opted could be a possibility.

* If the staff list is true I do wonder if Amanda declared her present legal status to the said staff before they signed contracts lol

Anyway it didn't seem in any way to match the staffing levels or expertise that had previously been claimed.

Anyone interested can easily find the information as it is still on the healing oracles webpages hidden behind one of it titles.

Edited by Bobok (24 June 17 11:06 am - America/Chicago)
Edit Reason: corrected spelling

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