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#244709 - 18 June 14 5:32 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: Ken_Wilford]
D InTheShade Online   content


Registered: 01 February 08
Posts: 964
Loc: Calgary, Mile 5 Southern Hwy
Hopkins road is coming along,,, still gravel. For the most part about 2 feet higher, way wider and much smoother. BEL was moving power poles further off the road allowance. The drains and culverts are looking great for big run off. Here is a pic of a June 1, Sunday morning Cancer Fund Raising Run.

Looks like they may be struggling with the widening of the four small bridges. More notably with driving the precast concrete piles. Some went in like a nail in soft wood and some look like they were pounding into Bullet Trees??

Really nice to drive on now, except for the dust.
Not sure if they can lay down the tar during the wet season or just hold the subgrade together until it dries up some.
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#244726 - 19 June 14 6:16 am - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: D InTheShade]
Ken_Wilford Offline


Registered: 03 June 12
Posts: 206
Loc: Millville, NJ USA
Thanks for sharing. The road looks 100% better than when we were there in January/February! At least the road level is closer to the hump of the bridge. I don't know why Belize is fascinated with narrow bridges. I guess it is "do what we can afford" mindset but the ones on the Hummingbird Highway always make me dread driving it the most. I actually count them down as I progress so I can breathe a sigh of relief once I am over the last one.
Ken Wilford
John 3:16

#244744 - 19 June 14 5:55 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
jstewartpa Offline


Registered: 17 May 12
Posts: 994
Loc: Pennsylvania and Hopkins
Someone correct me if I'm wrong but weren't most of the narrow Hummingbird Highway bridges formally narrow gauge British rail bridges?
Stupid should hurt!

#244746 - 19 June 14 6:23 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: Ken_Wilford]
thecol Offline


Registered: 06 February 11
Posts: 1749


Really looking forward to your trip to the PROMISED LAND in Feb 2015 .



#244747 - 19 June 14 6:59 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: jstewartpa]
TexasRon Offline


Registered: 25 October 01
Posts: 626
Loc: Texas
Yes, they were railroad tracks.

#252047 - 03 March 17 4:55 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
LanSluder Offline


Registered: 04 May 04
Posts: 8123
Loc: USA/Belize
I want to correct the spelling of a name I used in a post on this thread regarding Jaguar Reef Lodge. The founder/owner's name is Bruce Forrester. Dumb mistake on my part. I apologize for this error. (Because this is an old thread, I am not able to correct my error in the original post.)

--Lan Sluder

Edited by LanSluder (05 March 17 8:13 am - America/Chicago)
Edit Reason: clarification

#252048 - 06 March 17 7:45 am - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
jstewartpa Offline


Registered: 17 May 12
Posts: 994
Loc: Pennsylvania and Hopkins
Bruce is also still involved with Jaguar Reef.
Stupid should hurt!

#252214 - 23 April 17 6:44 am - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
just_me Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08 March 05
Posts: 9
Loc: Dangriga
Hi Len! This is off topic.

I need your help. A couple on weeks ago, I was able to post, but have forgotten the process. Please give me specific directions about posting a question. I am living in Dangriga & learned by word of mouth that there is an expat community in Hopkins. I'd like the name of someone in the group so I can join it.


#252219 - 24 April 17 4:50 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
MisterB Offline


Registered: 31 October 05
Posts: 1193
Loc: Belize

Try this...

1. Log in to the forum.
2. Under the large heading, click “Forums”. You should now be seeing a list of forum topics.
3. Select the forum where you want to add a post, for example Accommodation, or Getting to Belize, etc.
4. Above the list of forums, you should see a button “New Topic”. Click it.
5. Enter the subject of your post in the Subject line (this line must contain something).
6. In the Post section, type your message/question/information.
7. A little bit lower down, click the Submit button, and you should be returned to the forum.

If you’ve done it before, t should come back to you.

#252220 - 25 April 17 8:56 pm - America/Chicago Re: More Rambles ... Hopkins [Re: LanSluder]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 240
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
Great info! Now, if a moderator will repost it from "real estate" to "How to use the forum."
Reilly and/or Spouse,

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