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#252087 - 26 March 17 1:30 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
I saw that the Copper Bank Resort may have a new buyer.

I am currently in negotiations to secure... - Mother Nature and You ...
Aerial video and some stills of the Bamboo Beach Resort in Copper Bank, Belize, Central America. Music by http:

Just looked and maybe the sale did not go through. As now all the many links to the Bamboo Resort and the 40 places available, for the 3 week healing training course that was to start in April and then was postponed until the 1st June, at a cost of $3000 US per person and to to be run at the Copper Beach Resort have now been removed.

Although someone did archive a few of them.

Just as well that Copper Beach Resort no longer seems to be the venue, as it's six cabanas would have seemed unsuitable to house 40 guests. Maybe they were to be accommodated else were.


All very odd, $25.000 US for 21 days accommodation!
All treatments and medications extra.

I was curious about the course and that it was to take place in Belize, so I googled it and found that the person who was setting it up is well known to the British Press and was last covered by the BBC in October last year.

I then looked further and found this from when the Lady attempted to set up in Dominica.

The comments sections made interesting reading.

Anyway at present it seems the plans for the Bamboo Beach Resort are either abandoned or put on hold.

Edited by Bobok (26 March 17 1:59 pm - America/Chicago)
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#252123 - 04 April 17 5:29 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
LennyBelize Offline


Registered: 23 March 05
Posts: 1005
Loc: Corozal
The Resort is still available. She is continuing her project, but required more land.
Mark "Lenny" Leonard, Realtor & Relocation Specialist
Retire in Belize Corozal -
Cerros Sands -
Paradise Development Ltd - Construction, Development & Off Grid Technologies

#252171 - 13 April 17 4:44 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: LennyBelize]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
LennyBelize thank you for the update ref the Copper Bank Resort.

It did seem a bit odd advertising a course [for up to 40 people] to be run at the Copper Beach Resort before negotiations for the property had been completed.

Also the advert to cure people, costing $25,000 USD for 3 weeks accommodation and food [medication and treatment cost extra] asked for a 50% deposit to be paid via Western Union. An unusual payment method for medical services.

While she is looking for more land than the Copper Bank Resort offered, she still seems to be unsure were her "clinic" or "university" is/will actually be based.

As on the 28th of Feb
"The Holistic healing center and training center is all going wonderfully well thanks to the wonderful team here in Belize. We are applying for permits and much more"

The permits must have come through quickly because
4th April
"4 Apr 2017 - Uploaded by Healing Oracle
Our Clinic is located in Progresso-Corozal in the beautiful country of Belize. For more information on our clinic"

However aside from the above link all mention of Progresso have now been removed, just as the various adverts for courses and treatments to be run at then Bamboo Beach Resort were.

14th April.
Her other Facebook page has now replaced Progresso with Corozal,Corozal and now says health service not "clinic"

"Alternative & holistic health service in Corozal, Corozal, Belize"
but it still has "Amanda Mary (Mary) Holistic health adviser and Cancer researcher at Healing oracle university" Also makes no mention of were exactly in Belize the clinic is actually based.

It all seems to be a very strange. I would not have thought it would be that easy for a non resident [she was in Mexico until very recently] to set up a clinic in Belize; let alone one using intravenous GcMAF , ozone therapy, stem cell treatment, oxygen therapy, Chelation,DMSO I.V,
Although she has named the people in Copper Bank and in Spanish Lookout that are helping her. So maybe that makes it quicker and easier to set up in Belize

I have been following this story mainly out of morbid fascination as it does all seem a bit irregular if not surreal.

Edited by Bobok (13 April 17 8:56 pm - America/Chicago)
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#252207 - 21 April 17 5:49 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Bobok]
Bobok Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 25 March 17
Posts: 15
It seems I owe Amanda Mary/Mary Jewell an apology for my skepticism concerning her alternative "clinic" as it seems that it does actually exist and is up and running complete with staff.

I still don't understand how she managed this in such a short space of time; given all the legal hoops she must have gone through.

She says she has managed in to double the size of the operation she was running last year in Mexico and that her new clinic has

" newly renovated facility has brand new patient rooms, all of which have amazing views from all rooms" and is "located along the beautiful azure lagoon in Progresso, Corozal,"
See 2/4 16th April 2017


"Healing Oracle features more treatment options under one roof than any other cancer clinic. Our paradise location in Belize gives us the option to leverage highly effective treatments that are not available in many countries like the U.S.A. or Canada"

"EXPERIENCED AND DIVERSE MEDICAL TEAM. Led by world-renowned cancer researcher Mary Jewell and cancer physician, Dr. Fermin Celma, our core Medical Team boasts of experts in the field of both alternative, integrative and conventional medicine who live by the highest standards of international professionalism."

So there it is the Healing Oracle Clinic found an alternative larger base in Progresso, Corozal from the Copper Bank Resort were it was initially to be housed. I really did not think she would get licences to run her clinic but it seems I was wrong.

The clinic may exist but I do think some of the boasts are over egging it a bit IE that she is a "world-renowned cancer expert" or that her clinic offers "more treatment options under one roof than any other cancer clinic." even in Belize yet alone world wide.

Although I doubt that medical grade RSO cannabis she is selling could be connected to the Belize clinic. oil.

Edited by Bobok (21 April 17 5:59 pm - America/Chicago)
Edit Reason: more info added

#252280 - 15 May 17 8:45 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
DawnG2Voice Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 14 May 17
Posts: 1
Mary Jewell is as "real" as they come & a Wonderful woman who is continually attacked in the mainstream media. Her knowledge & personal experience of cancer is highly respected in Holistic medicine & if I or anyone I knew had cancer it would be Her who I would want&#10084;&#65039; She is an Amazing light in this world & we should be shouting it from the roof tops for the whole world to hear about Her wonderful sanctuary & the leading edge treatments that She offers. We will continue to educate the world in the Truth about cancer & how to heal ourselves & prevent disease. &#10084;&#65039;

#252281 - 15 May 17 8:52 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
Dave Bunk Online   embarrased


Registered: 02 September 05
Posts: 5175
Loc: Punta Gorda Belize
I may be a tad skeptical of your report as you registered today and singing praises? Big grains of salt. My .02

#252282 - 15 May 17 10:00 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
GZboat Offline


Registered: 18 June 06
Posts: 2471
Loc: Tarpon Springs, Fl./Copper Ban...
My my my Dave, it is getting salty around here, isn't it? A brand new poster, one post, and singing the praises of a charlatan. Hmmm...........

Edited by GZboat (15 May 17 10:01 am - America/Chicago)

#252287 - 15 May 17 12:51 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
AmandaMary Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 14 May 17
Posts: 2
Hi All,

I will be working along side of Dr Susan Barns. We will be working along side medical Dr's as well as holistic Dr's.

Our end goal is to build a 300 unit hospital combining western medicine and holistic medicine with diet and dealing with the psychological side of illness. This is the next phase. The medical care is needed here in Belize.

Belize is a wealth of natural herbs. Working with a wonderful herbalist is a pleasure.

We have met many wonderful people in Belize. I am hoping to meet more of you.

The work we do has been followed by an independent journalist for the past 17 months. Everything has been recorded and documented. Anyone wishing to make contact, please feel free to ask for details.

This video explains just one of the services offered.

We are also looking for volunteers. The is a humanitarian project, not a personal one.

Should anyone be interested in my personal journey feel free to read:

Dawn has been a student of ours for some time now. I wish her well in all that she does.

Love and light to you all.


#252290 - 15 May 17 7:52 pm - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: pacoloco]
britinbelize Online   content


Registered: 01 June 14
Posts: 275
Loc: Bay area CA + Belmopan
One comment It is called alternative medcine because real Medcine exists.
Why ask people who have cancer, ergo they are sick, to come to an area of the world (that i love completely) which has a stressful climate and should things go wrong with the Therapy or whatever there is no easily available medical back up. So if the patient has a heart attack while at this "clinic" There is nowhere they can get fast efficient treatment without leaving the country so why put the clinic in Belize. I also have experience with Cancer both, as a patient and as a medical professional but that is not a good basis to start a "clinic" at a vacation resort milk people of their cash with promisses that cannot be guaranteed. Start advertising for free workers when you have built that wonderful 300 bed hospital.
If this is truly a Humanitarian project just build a much needed hospital for Belize and its people not for imported rich sick folk. Rant over I will leave quietly.
We came to the states for our last adventure before we die but as we didn't die yet, there is time for another adventure this time back to Belize.

#252292 - 16 May 17 7:36 am - America/Chicago Re: Copperbank Property [Re: Dave Bunk]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 240
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
Hi Dave, I recently rediscovered Alt 0162 (). That's just my 2 worth! wink
Reilly and/or Spouse,

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