Just got back from Belize. We actually got our insurance renewed and the girl told me that on February 7th there was going to be a day in Placencia Village where you could come and get the registration renewed. We went down around 10am and it was right next to the police station. There was a small line, and I lost about 20 minutes because I asked where to go and someone told me inside when actually I needed visit an officer outside first to get my vehicle "inspected". He asked where the van was and I said across the street behind some buses and he approved the "inspection" and sent me inside. You have to bring your sticker from last year or a receipt that you paid last year. Inside I just needed the inspection report from the outside officer, and a copy of my title. Cost $200 BZ to renew for a year for our Vanagon. Took about 45 mins total so would have been about 30 mins if I didn't have the mess up about not going outside first.
Ken Wilford
John 3:16