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#168572 - 10 January 10 4:59 am - America/Chicago butane conversion
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
I tried to use the "Search" feature, but came up with nada. I know that gas-powered vehicles can be converted to propane; can they be converted to butane? Is it the same process? Is it worth doing? Is it hard to put the butane in the vehicle? The reason I ask is i was thinking of bringing a truck in and having it converted if it will be cheaper to run. I don't know a thing about this, so excuse my ignorance.

#168573 - 10 January 10 5:44 am - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
RoaringRocks Offline

Registered: 26 June 07
Posts: 3136
Loc: Near Belmopan / or Wales
A petrol tank cannot be used to contain butane or propane. A separate tank, like those used for domestic appliances, has to be fitted. This adds weight, and takes up space, usually in the boot or the back of a truck, less commonly on the roof of the cab. It is filled in the same way as domestic tanks are filled.

Propane has a higher calorific value than butane and when used in equipment to produce heat (as in a vehicle), uses less than butane for the same result.
Per ardua ad Belize

#168576 - 10 January 10 6:28 am - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
felintuit Offline


Registered: 22 May 06
Posts: 1629
Loc: Hummingbird Highway
Hey cat, they burn about the same amount of fuel so if the cost of butane is similar to unleaded it won't save much in that respect. Where the savings comes into is it extends the life of the vehicle as well as maintenance. It burns a bit cleaner so the idea is it works to keep the engines cleaner.

The smart conversion kits will allow you to use either unleaded or butane. This option allows you to use butane when you can and if you can't get to the fuel point like bwel then you can run it like a regular vehicle.

In the states the conversion is out of site to do on your vehicle. It is mainly due to the all the incentives given by the Government a few years back to switch over your vehicle. The tax breaks especially for business was HUGE. Mexico does a large tank conversion that sits in the bed of the truck near the cab. Last I heard it was around 800 US to have it done. In the states you are looking at a much more expensive deal with a smaller tank.

India has a lot of information about running cars off of LPG, so if you want to learn more about what it does and how it works I would google that. LPG or CNG. "converting a car to run off of LPG or CNG"

#168585 - 10 January 10 7:21 am - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: felintuit]
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
I just heard that butane is easier to come by in Belize. I was just batting the idea around, and I appreciate all the input.

#168588 - 10 January 10 8:00 am - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
Dave Bunk Online   embarrased


Registered: 02 September 05
Posts: 5175
Loc: Punta Gorda Belize
Many places in Belize and especially Spanish Lookout will do butane conversions. But since the price of Butane has risen so drastically in the last few years it is not as economical in the long run. Except as Fel has said, it will increase the life of your engine as it runs signifigantly cleaner.

#221642 - 07 October 12 8:57 am - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
StoneAge Offline
Full Member

Registered: 25 October 11
Posts: 89
Last time we bought Butane here in Belize (2 weeks ago - portable 5 gallon tank) - it was $4.20 a gallon. Butane has about 80% of the BTU's gasoline so a very simplistic conversion would be that you would get 80% of the fuel mileage PLUS all the benefits of longer life, cleaner burning etc..

If you get 25 mpg then on butane you would get about 20 MPG with butane. At $4.20 a gallon over $12 a gallon for gasoline - 2.85 gallons of Butane for the cost of a gallon of gasoline. Effective mileage is now 20 x 2.85 or the equivalent of 57 MPG on a dollar cost basis.

Variable - Does BWel charge a road tax for automotive butane?

#221661 - 07 October 12 7:03 pm - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
windyg Offline


Registered: 19 August 05
Posts: 272
Loc: Oregon/Bullet Tree Falls
We converted our Toyota Tundra to the butane option. Those 8 cyclinders aren't very economical. We have a 30 gallon tank in the bed of the truck. The down side is that we did lose some space in the bed of the truck. Living in Cayo we use Sirrom (local butane) for our butane. Can't give exact numbers, but know that we're saving over 1/2 over using gasoline. We paid $1700BZ for the conversion and have the option, via a switch on the dash, to switch to gasoline. I know that you can get the conversion done even cheaper. We're often asked if we lost power and I can honestly say that we don't notice a loss. We figured that we will have paid for the conversion in a year. $12 gasoline can put a pressure on the budget in a hurry.

#221662 - 07 October 12 7:20 pm - America/Chicago Re: butane conversion [Re: catdance62]
windyg Offline


Registered: 19 August 05
Posts: 272
Loc: Oregon/Bullet Tree Falls
I just checked my blog and I posted several entries when we did the conversion back in Sept. 2011. If interested go to for info and a photo of the tank.


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