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#214563 - 03 May 12 7:58 pm - America/Chicago Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner
carolcross Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03 May 12
Posts: 1
Kenaf planting partner sought

I am seeking a partner with land in Belize to plant a kenaf seed plantation. I have seeds and access to market for the products from seeds to fiber.I

Contact me at or

I would prefer to be in Cayo District.

Carol Cross, PhD Kenaf - The Environmental Entrepreneurship Powerhouse

#214567 - 03 May 12 9:38 pm - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
Rigrat Offline


Registered: 04 October 08
Posts: 2975
Loc: Belmopan
How many acres do you want to plant?
How is the Kenaf harvested, and how is it stored?
What soil does Kenaf tolerate? (Cayo has a lot of lime and alkaline soils)
What is the water requirement per acre?
Is it a wet or a dry season crop?
Does Kenaf lie down when very wet or battered by wind?
Have the seeds been cleared by BAHA for importation into Belize.
Have the seeds been cleared for growing in Belize as a commercial crop?
How will the Kenaf be processed in Belize, and if it has to be transported, then how, and who pays for the transportation.

Belize Wildlife Hotline--- For advice and reporting wildlife incidents
BTL: 0800 822 8888 --- SMART: 822 8888
Or 605 8888

#214579 - 04 May 12 8:22 am - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: Rigrat]
corozal dave Offline


Registered: 27 October 03
Posts: 1067
Loc: Toronto/Corozal
I followed the link provided, in some of the pictures it sure looks a lot like marijuana to the eye. It looks like they are showing two different plants. Expect a raid if you start to grow acres this stuff on your property.

Edited by corozal dave (04 May 12 8:25 am - America/Chicago)
Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital. ~Aaron Levenstein

#214583 - 04 May 12 9:52 am - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
lee100 Offline


Registered: 27 June 10
Posts: 1182
Loc: Belize/Taiwan
Dear Dr. Carol Marie Cross PhD:

Central America is full of con artists and swindlers; and so most of us who live here have been conditioned to take requests for business partnerships with an unhealthy amount of salt.

And so in the spirit of healthy skepticism I have decided do some fact checking on your credentials.

The most obvious place to begin is, of course, your education background; in my experience it is the easiest thing to check for and it is also the most common thing that people lie about.

On your page at linkedin( & ( you list yourself as having a graduate degree in biology from the University of Oregon.

As you probably know, all universities keep a copy of their students' doctoral dissertations at their local library, just in case someone is actually crazy enough to want to read those monstrosities...


Dissertations are unique publications and generally only available from the institution where they were written[...]

Dissertations and theses by University of Oregon students:
Dissertations written by University of Oregon students are housed in the UO Libraries' collection and are generally available to borrow. Copies may also be made from the microfilm housed in University Archives. The UO Libraries Catalog allows you to limit your search (by title, author, keyword or subject heading) to just dissertations and theses. You can also search for all dissertations written for a particular department[...]

So I did a quick search at UO library, for dissertations and thesis written by women named Carol, between 1973 and 1976.

.... but there is no dissertation at UO by one Dr. Carol Cross frown The only thing that came close was one Carol Jefferson who wrote her dissertation on Plant communities and succession in Oregon coastal salt marshes. Sound vaguely similar to the work you claim to have done but Dr. Carol Jefferson got her degree at SUO, her middle name is Annette, and Dr. Jefferson didn't go to U Chicago for her undergrad. So i'm fairly sure you and Dr. Jefferson are not the same person.

So help me out here. Is your PhD for real and my clumsy search simply failed to turn up your dissertation? Or did you invented that part of your biography to help you sell your $4500 kit?

Edited by lee100 (05 May 12 1:41 pm - America/Chicago)
Better to profiteer from stocks than to commit robberies. City Public Safety (China)

#214621 - 04 May 12 4:25 pm - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
Sue W Offline


Registered: 26 April 06
Posts: 181
Loc: Suburban Chicago, Grand Cayman
Good work, Lee!

#214655 - 05 May 12 10:38 am - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
cayobound Offline


Registered: 22 November 03
Posts: 1785
Loc: Hawaii
See quite a few references to Carol Cross at University of Oregon.

Vander Schaaf, Dick. 1997. An Examination of Small Stand Openings in a Douglas Fir Forest
in the Willamette Valley Foothills. Student research paper presented to Biology 473
(Dr. Carol Cross and Dave Mitchell), University of Oregon.





#214657 - 05 May 12 1:27 pm - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
lee100 Offline


Registered: 27 June 10
Posts: 1182
Loc: Belize/Taiwan
oh I have no doubt that ms. Cross attended University of Oregon, what I'm doubting is her claim that she got a PhD from the place.

Google up anyone with a graduate degree from UO and you can find their thesis/dissertation at the UO library site in 3 sec.

...But Ms. Cross have no such record. the only possibility i can think of is if she had used a different first name.

ok indeed I have found her record under the first name Carolyn. smile I guess I owe Dr. Cross an apology, Although in my defense i have to say her own site lists her birth name as "Carol Marie Cross", rather than "Carolyn Marie Cross"


I still think the whole thing sounds a bit scammy though.

Edited by lee100 (05 May 12 1:50 pm - America/Chicago)
Better to profiteer from stocks than to commit robberies. City Public Safety (China)

#214658 - 05 May 12 2:18 pm - America/Chicago Re: Want Kenaf Seed Plantation Partner [Re: carolcross]
ckocian Offline


Registered: 01 January 99
Posts: 3682
Loc: San Antonio TX USA and Seine B...
But don't send any money up front.


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