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#203606 - 20 October 11 7:07 pm - America/Chicago CRAIGS LIST BELIZE
BelizeBritts Offline


Registered: 22 July 05
Posts: 363
CraigsList Belize is brand new and online offering FREE LISTINGS for the 1st 30 days. There is nothing there yet but once we get enough listings we will spend some advertising dollars to drive people to the site.
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#203613 - 20 October 11 10:00 pm - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
FrankD Offline


Registered: 12 October 08
Posts: 172
Who is "we"? Is this your enterprise BelizeBritts?

#203617 - 21 October 11 4:13 am - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
I think that is a good idea, however, if you didn't have permission from Craigslist in the States you might end up getting called on it. If you did have permission though, more power to ya!
It won't always be free? Craigslist in the States is always free. I use it all the time to sell stuff.
I guess that most Belizeans these days have debit cards to pay for listings online?

Edited by catdance62 (21 October 11 4:16 am - America/Chicago)

#203620 - 21 October 11 5:12 am - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
winjama Offline


Registered: 21 May 07
Posts: 602
Loc: Corozal Town, Belize
Pretty poor start ripping off a well-known and respected web site's name and reputation. Not a good business model in my estimation.
Ubi Est Voluntas, Ibi Est Via

#203622 - 21 October 11 5:56 am - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: winjama]
DangrigaDave Offline


Registered: 23 January 10
Posts: 193
Loc: Dangriga
Winjama I agree, yes Belize is the land of rampant piracy and copyright infringement, but a word to the wise.... some brands can and will call you out, for example Kingburger here in Dangriga (formerly known as Burgerking, and a very good Belizean restaurant) and Planet Hollywood in Belize City which was shut down altogether, and I'm sure there's more examples.

#203637 - 21 October 11 9:27 am - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
BlmopnGringo Offline


Registered: 08 May 09
Posts: 1477
Loc: NJ & Belmopan
I would counsel you against using the name Craig’s List if you are doing so without permission for a variety of reasons.

You might want to take a look at Chapter 247 of the Laws of Belize, entitled “Business Names Act.” This act requires that “every firm having a place of business in Belize and carrying on business under a business name which does not consist of the true surnames of all partners who are individuals” register with the Registrar General.

The failure to register subjects the entity, its directors, secretary and officers liable for a fine, and if the fine is not paid, incarceration of up to six months.

The Registrar is required to deny registration if the business name is misleading, and most importantly, “The registration of a business name under this Act shall not be construed as [sic] authorising the use of that name if, apart from such registration, the use thereof could be prohibited.” Section 16(c).

This is the first place I would look because if Craig’s List has already registered the name in Belize, you won’t be able to register it because it is already taken, and you will be in violation by using the name without registering it.

This is only the first hurdle. Assuming that Craig’s List has not already registered the name, there are a variety of claims that could be brought by Craig’s List against you, including 1) trade name infringement, 2) trade mark infringement, 3) copyright infringement, 4) trade dress infringement, and 5) common law and Paris Convention unfair competition claims. Here is an article that I came across which explains the manner in which parties with well know trade names can seek to protect themselves from domain name infringement in Latin America, and while it does not expressly address Belizean law, it is instructive as to what Craig’s List might try to do when it finds out that you are using its name or a similar variant:

It would take a substantial amount of legal research on Belizean and international law to give you a thorough opinion as to the potential risks, but suffice it to say that there are typically statutory penalties as well as actual damages that may be awarded to the prevailing party, plus interest, attorney’s fees and costs of suit. In my opinion, it is not worth the risk. As DangrigaDave correctly point out, while enforcement is spotty, Belizean Courts will enforce intellectual property rights where the aggrieved party pushes the issue. See the following infringement case recently decided by the Belize Supreme Court:

Work is the curse of the drinking class. Oscar Wilde

#203644 - 21 October 11 2:21 pm - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
LanSluder Offline


Registered: 04 May 04
Posts: 8123
Loc: USA/Belize

#203653 - 21 October 11 6:17 pm - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
Texican Offline


Registered: 27 October 07
Posts: 235
Loc: USA
You've got a lot going on there, but if you can find the time, this is a useful service that others probably wish they'd thought of or given a shot. Presumably, seeing as how the list is in English, the target is mostly expatriate. Probably going to require a lot of time in development before they're going to pay to list. Expect the naysayers to try competing when you're successful. Go ahead and adjust the name. If KingBurger works, what won't work? This is Belize. Make nice and call it Craig Expat's List or anything you like! Best wishes for more success. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

#203661 - 21 October 11 9:04 pm - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
BelizeBritts Offline


Registered: 22 July 05
Posts: 363
Stirred up a hornets nest for sure!!

I read nearly everything you all have referred me to and none of it seems to apply to what I am doing. The Terms of Use of craigslist, for example, are just that, the terms you agree to when using craigslist.

The lengthy information provided by Gringo has in depth discussion about Argentina and other countries where it seems that nothing has been done except in one case where one party did not show up to court.

I have not yet read, but will read, the other info about the Belize Supreme Court Ruling. Thank you Gringo for taking the time to provide that info.

I gave this a lot of consideration prior to spending about $160US in paying for several craigslist related names and hosting. That much money is not something I spend on a whim although I can appreciate that the very statement may be laughable to some. I knew there would be outcry and did it anyway because it is a good idea, we need the service in this country and I bought the names legally. is it ok to sell the names but not use them, I wonder?

I moved to Belize 7 years ago and have worked my tail off to make a living here. I have made something out of nothing in a land where that is not easy. The very meager money I make here is earned though blood, sweat and tears. I do not get into trouble, I do not cause problems in my community, I am raising my family in a remote, hard place.

I have adjusted many of my attitudes and expectations since I moved here and have had to play the game the way it is played here, not where I come from. I no longer live in the United States. I have had to protect myself, my family and my business from those who would seek to destroy those things. I have been ripped off more times than I care to count. People seem to think that stealing from me is a competitive event. I have not stolen a thing from a single person.

I have purchased and now own several craigslist Belize related names. I purchased them on Yahoo! and GoDaddy who seem to think that selling those names is ok. Have you written letters to them yet? I'm sure they are aware they are being sold with the intent of making money and there is surely no guarantee that I will make money.

I hope that those of you who seek to tarnish what I am trying to do refuse to purchase bootleg movies, knock off shoes and a myriad of other items we have here in Belize. Unlike Ron G Entertainment (supplier of bootleg movies throughout Belize), for example, I legally purchased those names. I own them. I purchased them from a US company. If craigslist, based in my beloved, litigious home country, wants to give me a hard time then so be it. I might have to change the name or shut it down entirely. I do not doubt some of the inflamed town criers have already sent that ominous email. I just hope you are not the same ones who buy those dvd's, employ illegals and purchase the fake Timberland boots in the Hindu store. If you are, then I welcome your advertising as well.
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#203666 - 22 October 11 12:25 am - America/Chicago Re: CRAIGS LIST BELIZE [Re: BelizeBritts]
pdmlynek Offline

Registered: 31 July 11
Posts: 51
Loc: Philadelphia area, USA
Look, BelizeBritts, you perfectly well know that you are trying to rip off Craig’s List. Your justifications why you are doing it, regardless of their validity, or morality are not germane.

The fact that you are in Belize may not enough to protect you from American Courts. Any 1L will tell you that if it can be proved that you are soliciting US citizens, that you may be hauled into US courts.

As far as buying the names from Y! or GoDaddy, review your terms of sale. Do they indemnify you? They certainly can let you use those names, but that does not mean to say that they give you the right to infringe IP of others.

Well, in any case, good luck.

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