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#192632 - 05 February 11 11:53 am - America/Chicago Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize?
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204

I hope this is the appropriate forum for this question.

I'm coming down in March and bringing my dog into Belize for the first time. I would like to bring food that he's used to rather than change brands suddenly to whatever is in China Town on Caye Caulker. We can get food in single serving sealed packets.

The Belize Customs website does not specifically say that dog food is prohibited and I'm wondering if anyone has had experience bringing in small amounts (2 weeks worth for a small dog). Should we bother? Or will they just take it at the airport?

Thanks in advance!


#192633 - 05 February 11 12:08 pm - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
KatieValk Offline


Registered: 13 November 03
Posts: 3643
Loc: Belize City and Placencia
Happy Tails in Belize City sells Eukanuba. Otherwise, you need a permit from BAHA to import dog food.
Belize based travel specialist

#192635 - 05 February 11 12:18 pm - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: KatieValk]
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204
Thanks Katie! Maybe we'll start him on Eukenuba before we go so he'll get used to it and then stop at Happy Tails on the way to the water taxi.

#192653 - 05 February 11 6:03 pm - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
Coco_Morgan Offline


Registered: 18 October 07
Posts: 830
Loc: Billy White, Cayo
I don't particularly like saying this, but if your dog requires so much attention and a special dog food, then maybe you should think about leaving him/her at home in a kennel. I don't understand why it would be so important to bring a pet on vacation. Pets do not like change of this sort. International travel is traumatic for them. Now if you were moving here, that's a different story.
Adventure is life; Life is an adventure.
The two mix well.


#192675 - 06 February 11 9:19 am - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: Coco_Morgan]
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204
Thanks Phil! I appreciate your thoughts.

Perhaps you don't have a dog. If a dog eats the same food every day, it's usually a bad idea to change their brand suddenly. I see no reason to go out of my way to do that when, by asking a simple question, I don't have to. He could eat any brand at all, I'm just not sure what they sell at China Town so I can't start him on it before we leave. Travel is difficult for everyone but that doesn't mean you can't do a few things to make it easier.

And yes, thanks for asking! We ARE moving to Belize. This is a test run for Rudy who, by the way, is an experienced international travel and really loves it.

I'm assuming you don't have experience bringing dog food in to Belize to share but thanks for commenting anyway!


#192676 - 06 February 11 9:25 am - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204
To the rest of the forum readers: I didn't want to bore everyone with a long post justifying myself with the whole back story but I guess, with this group, you kind of have to!

Happy Sunday all!

#196465 - 02 May 11 6:03 pm - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204
I thought I'd post a follow-up to say thanks, Katie, for the information and everything went really well and smoothly entering the country. They did let me bring in a small, sealed pouch of "personal use" dog food that I mixed with something from the local market (not sure what since they subdivided a large bag of dog food in to smaller portions) so Rudy was comfortable and full for the whole visit. Getting him in and out of the country was easy and the security screeners at all stops could not have made things better.

We're all looking forward to the one-way trip in November. Caye Caulker is pretty nice for a normally city-bound pup.

Thanks again!


#196482 - 02 May 11 8:58 pm - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
zappy Offline


Registered: 14 January 08
Posts: 1643
Loc: Regina, Saskatchewan
NoelleG, Who did you fly with? Direct to Belize City? What advice can you offer someone planning on bring furry family members to Belize? I am glad that you and Rudy enjoyed your trip.
The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. H. L. Mencken

#196486 - 03 May 11 5:06 am - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: NoelleG]
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
NoelleG I PMd you

#196551 - 04 May 11 10:34 am - America/Chicago Re: Can I Bring Dog Food into Belize? [Re: zappy]
NoelleG Offline


Registered: 07 May 10
Posts: 204

We flew Continental from Minneapolis to Belize with a change-over in Houston. Continental is actually a pretty annoying airline. For example, my husband and I booked seats together and when we went to check in they moved us apart and charged us $69 to move seats together again (I got the money returned once we got to the airport but it was really annoying). But, they do guarantee your pet can get on the plane (some airlines I think have a limit of numbers of pets on the plane and it's first come first served). American Airlines does not let pets fly in the cabin to Belize. The two important lessons I learned were: when getting the permit from BAHA to bring the pet in, you can fax or email the information but they prefer fax. We emailed and although the BAHA office person emailed the permit to the inspection guy at the airport, he doesn't check his email so there was a little delay and issue with that when we arrived. Yeah: fax your BAHA paperwork (all the forms and instructions are on the BAHA website (

Also, you need to get a vet certificate before you bring the pet in to Belize. We didn't realize until we went to the vet that the US (if that's where you are) also requires a signature from Dept of Agriculture. There is an office near us and we were able to run over and get the signature but it would have been good to know that in advance and be able to plan it.

We bought a Sherpa brand pet carrier on line from PetSmart. It's pre-approved by most airlines for in-cabin travel and there were no issues at all with the airline or airport security at any of our stops. We had a long layover in Houston on the way back but they have a pet exercise area so that was perfect. My dog is about 12 - 13 pounds (13 on the way to Belize and more like 12 on the way home after all his vacation action!) and he was comfortable under the seat. I'm not sure you would want to take a dog or cat that was much bigger than that.

The BAHA officer at the Belize City airport was great!

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