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#160831 - 28 July 09 11:42 pm - America/Chicago Goats & Farm Land In Belize
Blcorrell Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 28 July 09
Posts: 6
I have a few questions about the goat industry in belize. I am a goat farmer in the US and I have had an interest in Belize for a while now. I would like to buy some land, and a house and spend a good bit of time in Belize. I have recently thought about starting a Goat farm in belize.

1.) What is the current goat industry like in Belize, is there even an industry for goats? or Would I be better exporting them back to the US?

2.) How many goats are in Belize?

3.) Would I be able to buy goats in belize? or Would I have to import them?

4.) If I could buy goats in belize how many do you think would be readily available?

5.) What kind of price do Goats in Belize bring?

#160838 - 29 July 09 6:42 am - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Blcorrell]
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
The only people I know who have goats that are on this board are kayleon and woodsman. They have what I call "Spanish" goats. Perhaps they will weigh in on that.
Do you have Boer goats, or what kind?
We presently have property just a few yards from the beach, but at a later date, we are interested in buying some farmland in another district and really retiring, possibly bringing some of our goats with us. We raise ADGA Nubians.
It is my understanding you can bring livestock in with approval from BAHA.
I have mostly seen sheep in Belize. In fact, there is a Dorper sheep project at Central Farm.

#160840 - 29 July 09 7:01 am - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: catdance62]
Rigrat Offline


Registered: 04 October 08
Posts: 2975
Loc: Belmopan
There is a goat farm at Blue Creek. They were selling doelings and bucklings at Spanish lookout a week ago or so. I unfortunately cannot remember the price, nor do I know the breed.
At the Agricultural show this year there was a large goat display as well, so It cannot just be one farm.
I am sorry to be so vague, but it is outside my area of interest and so I didn't pay sufficient attention.

Blue Diamond Ventures has also talked a lot about opening up a goat farm in Belize. However I think they just make announcements now and then to bump up their stock.

Belize Wildlife Hotline--- For advice and reporting wildlife incidents
BTL: 0800 822 8888 --- SMART: 822 8888
Or 605 8888

#160846 - 29 July 09 9:18 am - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Rigrat]
kayleon Offline


Registered: 29 June 05
Posts: 2090
there is no goat industry that I know of, just a few folks scattered here and there.

I've no idea how many goats are in Belize.

we have eight Spanish goats.

it took us quite a while to find suitable healthy stock to start our tiny herd.

Spanish goats available here, but... they are for meat, not milk, so dairying can be discouraging, all that work to build a stand, clean everything, and very little milk results.

just enough for our coffee, and to make a little cheese.

Blcorrell, if you import REAL dairy goats to Belize, we will be happy (nay, thrilled!) to purchase some from you.

be advised... the veterinarians here don't know much about goats... luckily most of the really necessary (emergency-type) info is cross-applicable from sheep, of which there are many here.

on purchasing, from what I've seen... prices are wildly variable.

hope that helped.
"Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame." ~ Erica Jong

#160853 - 29 July 09 10:23 am - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: kayleon]
Anton Offline


Registered: 16 April 06
Posts: 3516
Loc: Succotz
Does the US have a "goat industry"? I was under an impression that goats are more of a hobbyist than a serious moneymaking agro-bussines venture.

For a dairy bussiness cows are way more efficient as industrial milk producers and for meat - nothing beats swine when it comes to converting pasture and garbage into delicious pork products.

By all means bring goats to Belize it's relatively easy if you have lots of money to pay for all red tape requirements by BAHA. It's always nice to refresh the livestock seriously inbred and mongrelized thanks to all the efforts of the government to stunt the development of agriculture in Belize.

You want the idea for a good agro business in Belize? How about dogs? Dogs are the only livestock that is easily obtainable and regularly advertised for sale on the billboard in Reimer's feed mill.
Anton 1st, Lord of Pigs, Ducks, Chikeens, Sheeps and Goosen in the woodsen

#160854 - 29 July 09 10:57 am - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Anton]
Blcorrell Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 28 July 09
Posts: 6
Thank you everyone!

I raise Boer and Kiko Goats, I try to keep my herd at least 75% Boer. This combination makes an excellent meat goat. Yes, there is a goat industry in the US and worldwide for Goat Meat. We currently are still importing about 17 Million/lbs of goat meat because there is not enough production.

We currently have about 200 head of goats, and are purchasing another 1,000 head over the next few months.

Anton: Goats are the most profitable livestock by far! People just don't realize it, I make 3-4 times what other farmers around here make acre for acre.


So I would have to import the goats. I have done some research and it shouldn't be a big problem. How much would land cost? I know there are some sites online that sell real estate in belize. However, I have been told that they are usually high, and I should take a trip to get the best prices. What do you think I would be able to find 200-300 Acres for? It doesn't have to be right next to the beach, but I don't want it too far out there either. Also, what about the raining season? Any advice on that subject and buying farm land?

#160871 - 29 July 09 3:17 pm - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Blcorrell]
Rigrat Offline


Registered: 04 October 08
Posts: 2975
Loc: Belmopan
Land prices vary wildly in Belize. You can get good agricultural land from anything from 500 to 6000 dollars an acre. You may get it cheaper than this if it is uncleared and doesn't have road, power or water.
Nowhere in Belize is very far from the coast.
Rainy season is normally quite wet. You will have to provide some shelter for livestock as they can turn a pasture into a mud wallow in a heartbeat. Good drainage is essential.
There is a lot of land in Belize on flood plains and livestock have been known to drown or get washed away. Be careful when you buy land in the dry season.
Land sold by internet real estate brokers is most often priced for the international market and a much better deal can be obtained locally.

Belize Wildlife Hotline--- For advice and reporting wildlife incidents
BTL: 0800 822 8888 --- SMART: 822 8888
Or 605 8888

#160877 - 29 July 09 4:15 pm - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Rigrat]
hfxleaver Offline

Registered: 16 July 04
Posts: 73
Loc: Nova Scotia/Hummingbird Hwy
We have 105 acres exactly half way between Belmopan and Dangriga (on the coast - 25 miles) on the Hummingbird Highway. Would be perfect for goats I would think. Lots of elevation changes with the Maya Mountains preserve backing on the property. Already has electricity and year round streams. Going cheap. Send me a private message if interested.

#161112 - 01 August 09 8:04 pm - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: hfxleaver]
Blcorrell Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 28 July 09
Posts: 6
OK! One more quick question! Are gangs bad in Belize, for example if I were to setup a Large Goat Farm Business in Belize would gangs be a problem? Have you had any problem with gangs, or do they just stay in the cities, and with the drugs?

The reason I ask is...I just found some information online about gangs being bad in Belize. Just wondered how this might affect business in belize.

Also, what about the Political Party Gangs, What's that all about?

#161113 - 01 August 09 8:24 pm - America/Chicago Re: Goats & Farm Land In Belize [Re: Blcorrell]
Texican Offline


Registered: 27 October 07
Posts: 235
Loc: USA
According what you find here, gangs are really only part of the urban scene in the "big city".
Whatever you farm, you should probably plant/raise enough for the browsers; an extra row of corn for crows, a couple of extra trees for the toucans; three or four extra horned goatheads for the devil worshipers/gangsters. You should be OK.

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