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#158506 - 18 June 09 1:32 pm - America/Chicago Postal Mailing codes / zip codes
Doc_Tammy Offline


Registered: 05 June 09
Posts: 163
Loc: Behind the laptop in Phoenix, ...
This may sound like a weird questions but let me explain. Helen our travel coordiator has resident airline software that connect to over 100 airlines around the world. She is trying to setup a databank with my IT guy. In order to do that I have to have 5 postal codes for 5 cities. Ok I'm no programmer they just tell me what I need to get.

Can someone be kind enough to post a postal code (zip code) for these cities? I would be truly grateful.

San Pedro
Punta Gorda
Belize City
San Ignacio

These are the cities with enough population to show up on the aero software she uses. So I have to find those.
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#158516 - 18 June 09 2:27 pm - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: Doc_Tammy]
Breezy Offline


Registered: 06 November 08
Posts: 917
Loc: Ladyville
We don't use postal/zip codes here.

#158565 - 19 June 09 1:47 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: Breezy]
winjama Offline


Registered: 21 May 07
Posts: 602
Loc: Corozal Town, Belize
00000 - works for everything here
Ubi Est Voluntas, Ibi Est Via

#158566 - 19 June 09 5:50 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: winjama]
BZGringo Offline


Registered: 31 July 08
Posts: 615
Loc: Consejo, BZ
Yea, you could setup 00000-SP, 00000-BP, etc in your database. And, you could setup 00000-BS as your personal code for your private airstrip.....
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#158567 - 19 June 09 6:56 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: BZGringo]
Scott_Friend Offline


Registered: 04 November 08
Posts: 108
Loc: Ranchito Village, Czl, BZ
As said by everyone else, no postal/zip codes here. Many places do not have "physical addresses" in the sense of a street number and name.

I wonder if population or an active public airstrip would make the different. I don't believe there is an active public airstrip in Cayp (opps, I mean San Ignacio). Not sure about any airstrip in Belmopan either.

There are international airport codes for many of the public airstrips. Doubt that would be of assistance unless Tropic or Maya Island flys there. I also doubt that either Tropic or Maya Island are amongst the 100+ world wide airlines.

#158572 - 19 June 09 7:36 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: Scott_Friend]
Buttonwood Offline


Registered: 27 April 08
Posts: 159
Loc: Flowery Branch,GA/Hopkins Beli...
Any postal code in the world can be accessed from this site
but Belize has NO postal codes not even a country code

Along with Belize,the states of confusion, delusion, and fantasy are also absent in the listings so I can see Doc does have a problem.

#161673 - 11 August 09 12:34 pm - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: Buttonwood]
tacogirl Offline


Registered: 08 July 09
Posts: 130
Loc: San Pedro Belize
When we first moved here and my cousin asked for my mailing address she had a hard time wrapping her head around it that we were general delivery and have no postal codes here. No numbers for address at the time - just go post and ask them to check box on wall for my last name.

Now things have changes slightly and we have a quicksilver mailbox so we have an actual unit number.
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#161716 - 11 August 09 10:09 pm - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: tacogirl]
Reilly Offline


Registered: 08 April 04
Posts: 227
Loc: Carolinas, USA, Cayo
The following link was interesting. It is promoting Natural Area Codes with unique zips starting with NAC. Not practical for BZ or BLZ now, but it may be useful in the future.

What is the possibility of a volunteer group like our forum proposing a national postal code system to the GOB and having it used as a template for the government to work from?
Reilly and/or Spouse,

#161722 - 12 August 09 5:10 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: Reilly]
winjama Offline


Registered: 21 May 07
Posts: 602
Loc: Corozal Town, Belize
How about leaving well enough alone? If a site requires a zip code just enter five zeros.
I like not having a postal code.
Ubi Est Voluntas, Ibi Est Via

#161724 - 12 August 09 5:38 am - America/Chicago Re: Postal Mailing codes / zip codes [Re: winjama]
RoaringRocks Offline

Registered: 26 June 07
Posts: 3136
Loc: Near Belmopan / or Wales
How about leaving well enough alone?

I'll drink to that.
Per ardua ad Belize

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