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#143587 - 06 September 08 2:20 pm - America/Chicago Bug Bites in Belize
parabol Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06 September 08
Posts: 2
Loc: Houston, TX
I recently went to San Pedro and got married in front of the Royal Caribbean Resort. For our honeymoon, we traveled to the Blanceneaux Lodge in San Ignacio (more or less). When we were there, we traveled to Tikal, Guatemala and some other forests in Belize. While I was at the Blanceneaux (I'm assuming), I was bit by some kind of insect that causes a bite similar to a mosquito, but the bite has a small black dot in the center. Does anyone know what kind of insect causes this? How to treat it? The bites are resceding, but very slowly.

#143588 - 06 September 08 3:02 pm - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
LanSluder Offline


Registered: 04 May 04
Posts: 8123
Loc: USA/Belize
Could be sandflies (from Ambergris Caye) or chiggers (Cayo). Possibly bedbugs or little ticks. The little black dot may just be where you've scratched the bite?

--Lan Sluder

#143589 - 06 September 08 4:03 pm - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
Miss Kenni Offline


Registered: 02 July 05
Posts: 1703
Loc: Jupiter, FL & Sta. Elena, Cayo
Every Belizean I've ever met denies that there are such things as chiggers in Belize ... nevertheless, the welts with the black dots in the center are, IMO, chigger bites. If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck ... it's most probably a duck!

There is a product called Chig-A-Rid, comes in a small brown bottle with a green and white label, that does wonders on such bites. If you can't find that, clear nail polish painted over the welt is the next best thing I can suggest, but I think I recall other remedies having been posted long ago. This is what Google turned up from the archives. Kenni

#143590 - 06 September 08 4:10 pm - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
catdance62 Offline


Registered: 06 October 03
Posts: 3979
Loc: Texarkana USA
Yeah, I echo Kenni--sounds like chiggers! They itch like the devil but dont' scratch! use nail polish to smother them.

#143591 - 07 September 08 8:14 am - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
parabol Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06 September 08
Posts: 2
Loc: Houston, TX
Thanks guys. Our guide at the Blancaneaux mentioned that it was some sort of black fly. Not a horse fly, but some sort of really small black fly. He said that that the black dot in the center of the bite was the indicator. Didn't know if anyone had heard of this fly. This was in the Pine Ridge Forest in the Cayo District.

#143592 - 07 September 08 9:30 am - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
bobbys Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 13 June 04
Posts: 1
Loc: belize
It's a tiny black fly called locally as bottle-ass or in kriol botlas. They leave a drop of blood when they bite due to a anti coagulant. They usually bite on the soft tissue of the under part of the arm.We have lots of them in Sittee River----sadly.

#143593 - 07 September 08 10:28 am - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
Sassyone_dup1 Offline

Registered: 19 January 04
Posts: 245
Loc: WA.
Facts About Chiggers
Chiggers, which are also called harvest mites or red bugs, are very small and can not usually be seen without a magnifying glass or microscope. Their 'bite' also isn't usually noticeable, which is why you usually don't even know you were around chiggers until you start itching and notice the rash about 12 or 24 hours later.
Once on your body, they typically move around looking for a good place to feed, which is usually a thin layer of skin. They will also begin to feed if they reach a barrier, such as the waistband of your clothes or your armpit.

But chiggers don't even really bite you in the traditional sense, like a mosquito does. Instead, they attach themselves to your skin, inject saliva with digestive enzymes that helps to break down your skin cells, which the chigger drinks. It is these enzymes that cause the itchy rash.

Although chiggers can stay attached to your skin for several days and continue eating, they are very easily brushed off and are usually knocked off once you begin to scratch the rash or take a shower or bath. That is why it can be a good idea to have your kids take a quick shower or bath after they have been playing outside in any type of 'wild' areas of your neighborhood. Another good reason is just so you can wash off any insect repellent that you had put on.

Myths About Chiggers
One of the biggest myths or misconceptions about chiggers is that they can burrow under your skin and drink your blood. This leads to the common treatment for chiggers of putting clear nail polish on chigger bites to suffocate the chiggers. Since chiggers don't actually burrow under your skin, this 'treatment' is unnecessary.
Treatments for Chigger Bites
While nail polish isn't a good treatment for chigger bites, anything that can help control the itching can be helpful, including:
take a bath or shower as soon as possible after any possible exposure to chiggers
apply your favorite OTC anti-itch medication, such as hydrocortisone, Calamine lotion, Sarna, oatmeal baths, etc.
oral Benadryl
a prescription strength steroid cream
Although chiggers in North America don't usually carry any diseases, the bites themselves can get infected.
Avoiding Chigger Bites
Since not going outside and being active is not good advice and unlike poison ivy, it is hard to spot and avoid chiggers, it is important to learn other ways to avoid chiggers and chigger bites. This can include avoiding wearing clothing that put you at risk for chigger bites, such as sandals without socks, sleeveless shirts, and shorts. Instead, wear long pants made of tightly woven fabric, long sleeved shirts, and high top boots or shoes. As an added defense, it can help to tuck your pant legs into your shoes or boots.
Insect repellents are another good way to help you avoid chiggers. In addition to applying it on your exposed skin, it can help to apply your insect repellent around your ankles, wrists, neck, and waist, which is where the chiggers often gain access to the rest of your body through your shoes, shirt, pants, and shoes.

Another good way to avoid chigger bites is to keep them out of your backyard, especially if your lawn is infested with chiggers. Since chiggers like high grass and weeds, keeping your lawn well groomed and treating the infested area with an insecticide may be helpful

#143594 - 07 September 08 1:54 pm - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize
Miss Kenni Offline


Registered: 02 July 05
Posts: 1703
Loc: Jupiter, FL & Sta. Elena, Cayo
Whether it was chiggers or botlass flies or something else (I never saw the perpetrators, just the results), whatever gave me those welts with the black centers were not deterred by long pants, socks, shoes, and heavy-duty DEET-based repellant. Nor did a prompt shower upon return to "home base of the moment" make any noticeable difference.

It's only happened a couple of times, after tromps through tall grass (which I have learned to avoid!). The welts appeared from the top of my socks to just below the knee, and showed no signs whatsoever of healing, for days, until they were painted over. The Chig-a-Rid provided more relief, but until I could get to some, the nail polish did help. Just one person's experience. Kenni

#148338 - 15 October 08 11:43 am - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize [Re: Miss Kenni]
Belize Missionary Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03 October 08
Posts: 19
Loc: United States
For bug bites, use Avon Skin So Soft. It is better than DEET or other repellents.
Belize Missionary

#148339 - 15 October 08 12:03 pm - America/Chicago Re: Bug Bites in Belize [Re: Belize Missionary]
RoaringRocks Offline

Registered: 26 June 07
Posts: 3136
Loc: Near Belmopan / or Wales
It would be good to see any independent proof o0g this. All the detailoed information we have is that the contrary is true, in spades.
Per ardua ad Belize

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