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#131653 - 14 September 05 5:52 pm - America/Chicago Corozal Expat Web Sites
LanSluder Offline


Registered: 04 May 04
Posts: 8122
Loc: USA/Belize
Not sure exactly what it means, but the two people who have run expat/retirement web sites on Northern Belize have left or are leaving Belize.

Margaret Briggs, who ran (and still runs), recently sold her house in Corozal Town and moved to New Mexico. A while back, she was the victim of a home invasion in Coro and often spoke and wrote about increased crime and other problems for expat residents of Corozal. Margaret worked as an archeologist in Belize and had lived in the country for a number of years. I believe she had QRP status, but possibly it was permanent residency.

Rick Zahniser, who operates the web site, is leaving Belize in early October, moving to Arkansas. A couple of weeks ago, his house in Coro was burglarized while he was asleep, and his computer, musical instruments and other valuables taken, and he says he has had an unsettling experience with the local police after reporting the crime. Rick moved to Belize I believe in 1999, or around that time, had his permanent residency, and after a short spell in Colorado a while back had moved back to Coro about a year ago.

I imagine there are a variety of reasons, including personal or family issues, for the departures.

Both web sites are excellent and are a great window on expat and QRP life in Belize. Sorry to see them leave.

--Lan Sluder

#131654 - 14 September 05 10:07 pm - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
Mid Atlantic Offline


Registered: 12 February 04
Posts: 1878
Loc: Bermuda
With 4198.7 crimes in one year reported in Arkansas and 4948.8 in New Mexico I'm not exactly sure what it means either.

#131655 - 15 September 05 2:53 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
rob r. Offline

Registered: 24 February 04
Posts: 1028
i will also miss those web sites. most of my pre vacation planning came from my research derived from belizenorth. both sites offer a wealth of information and perspective that are not available elsewhere.

#131656 - 15 September 05 8:41 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
belizelaw Offline


Registered: 05 April 04
Posts: 382
Loc: North Carolina
MidAtlantic, I've not seen the violent crime numbers for Belize or Corozal in particular. Are those two numbers you listed higher?

I've been told before that the per-capita crime in Belize is higher than most places in the U.S. (don't know if that's true or not, but that's what "everyone says"). I've also been told that a certain portion of that crime is directed toward expats/tourists/gringos in general.

Does anyone have any figures on that? It'd be interesting to see if the figures bear that out. If they do, and it shows that Belize's crimes happen per capita disproportionately to the expats/tourists, then that would make a worrisome number even more alarming. If not, then perhaps the crime statistics show that Belize is a safe place for everyone EXCEPT Belizeans. Don't know the answer, wondering if someone does.

#131657 - 15 September 05 9:19 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
Mid Atlantic Offline


Registered: 12 February 04
Posts: 1878
Loc: Bermuda
Belizelaw, I don't have any figures for crimes in Belize, but from observations I would say, with the exception of Belize city and maybe Orange Walk, violent crime in belize is less that most places in the US; and while crimes against tourists/xpats can get lots of exposure in the media, it is quite rare.

#131658 - 15 September 05 10:28 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
LanSluder Offline


Registered: 04 May 04
Posts: 8122
Loc: USA/Belize
I have never seen any official numbers in Belize that compared crime for expats/visitors versus local residents and am certain they do not exist.

If you look at just the number of murders in Belize -- typically 60 to 70 or more a year, in a population currently around 280,000 -- that works out to around 25 to 30 per 100,000 population, depending on the year. The U.S. national rate is about 5 per 100,000, so the overall Belize murder rate is about 5 to 6 times that of the U.S.

Crime numbers are only useful and comparable if they are per 100,000 population or some other base.

I'm not convinced that Belize crime statistics accurately reflect actual crime rates. A lot of crimes aren't reported, and police may not always record them if they are.

A few months ago, Margaret Briggs did do an informal survey of close to 50 Corozal town expat residents and found that about 80% had been victims of property crime in the past four (?) years. The crimes ranged from petty thefts of materials to violent home invasions.

On the other hand, a number of Coro residents have told me that while they take precautions (dogs, fences, lights, a caretaker, maybe a security alarm) they aren't unduly concerned about crime.

--Lan Sluder

#131659 - 15 September 05 11:55 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
edgarsministorage Offline

Registered: 09 May 05
Posts: 208
Loc: Ladyville, Belize
Statistics are always misleading. Example: If i put one foot in a pot of "boiling" water and the other foot in a pot of "ice" water; on the average I will be "uncomfortable". As those of you who follow this Forum know, I have had my share of "experiences" here in Belize. I still feel "safer" and "happier" here than anywhere in the world!

#131660 - 15 September 05 3:00 pm - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
rob r. Offline

Registered: 24 February 04
Posts: 1028
of course they are more likely to rob ex-pats. who else has anything worth stealing? must be room for a parable or two here.

#131661 - 20 September 05 10:09 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
Autumgreen Offline


Registered: 25 June 04
Posts: 354
Loc: Sacramento California

#131662 - 20 September 05 10:24 am - America/Chicago Re: Corozal Expat Web Sites
SuzyQ Offline


Registered: 25 November 04
Posts: 1012
Loc: Belize
rob r -

shows what you know about Belize.

But then ignorance is purported to be bliss, eh?

and you find him humorous Autumgreen?

times really are slow here on the forum if you cannot come up with better missives than this.

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