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Welcome to the Belize Forums.

The Belize Forums is designed to provide you with first hand information about Belize. To use the system, you should first SEARCH for the information you are interested in, whether it be travel to Belize, doing business in Belize, or SCUBA diving, lodging, fishing.

If after search you do not find what you need, then you will have to REGISTER (free) to be able to post your question on the Forums. After registering, select the proper forum and ask your question as clearly and with all necessary information. Many "experts" on Belize frequent this board and you can expect an answer very quickly (often within minutes or hours. If you still do not receive a satisfactory answer, then email us at and we will try to get you an answer.

Please review the Terms of Service of The Belize Forums here.

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Accommodations in Belize (4 viewing)
Discussions and questions about places to stay in Belize (i.e. what is Pelican Beach like?).
4428 24449
Placencia Canal Front Hous...
(Backader) - 31 March 14 3:27 pm - America/Chicago
Belize Explorer - Budget Travel
The Belize Explorer ( is a cooperative marketing effort of over 100 small hotels which offer rooms for US $75 per night or less.
223 2031
Re: Caye Caulker hands on ...
(April05) - 12 March 14 7:45 pm - America/Chicago
Travel and Tours in Belize (8 viewing)
Getting around and experiencing Belize by plane, bus, car, tour guide or...
2638 14807
Re: Airport in BC to Place...
(MayaAir) - 12 April 14 10:49 am - America/Chicago
SCUBA Diving in Belize
SCUBA diving, snorkeling, marine activities sponsored by Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection.
1069 6171
Reef Week in Belize
(D InTheShade) - 12 March 14 8:12 am - America/Chicago
Sport Fishing in Belize
Information about sport fishing in Belize such as: kinds of fishing, times to fish, where to fish, who to fish with, etc.
348 2619
Re: Fly fishing shops in B...
(PAFlyGuy) - 15 March 14 9:50 am - America/Chicago
Cruise Ships, Liveaboards and Boating (1 viewing)
Ask any and all questions about cruise ships visiting Belize, liveaboards operating in Belize or boating in Belize.
256 2155
Re: How would I ship my ho...
(diedre) - 12 March 14 1:15 pm - America/Chicago
Places in Belize (2 viewing)
Descriptions or notes about places in Belize such as parks, reserves, towns, natural phenomena, etc.
500 4330
Re: Great little video tou...
(FrankD) - 02 April 14 4:40 pm - America/Chicago
Getting to Belize (10 viewing)
Discussions and questions about how to get to Belize (i.e. driving through Mexico).
1201 10783
Re: Driving, Return trip b...
(JohnP) - 14 minutes 20 seconds ago
Belize Travelogues (3 viewing)
Post your trip reports here. These are great sources of information for others.
805 6290
Re: looking for a place to...
(corozal dave) - Yesterday at 08:27 AM
General Questions about Belize (11 viewing)
General questions about travel to and around Belize.
4472 30798
Re: New restaurant in Plac...
(DALOANSTER) - 10 April 14 11:07 am - America/Chicago
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Real Estate (8 viewing)
Questions or announcements about Real Estate in Belize.
1406 20946
Re: Cerros Sands
(Belizelenny) - 13 April 14 11:08 am - America/Chicago
Building in Belize (6 viewing)
Discussion about all aspects of building in Belize from contractors to building materials to landscaping.
779 10227
Re: Concrete Construction ...
(dave216m) - 12 April 14 7:11 pm - America/Chicago
Chamber of Commerce (1 viewing)
A Chamber of Commerce hosted forum to ask any and all questions about business in Belize.
314 2947
Re: Smokehouse products...
(GerryU1) - 24 March 14 7:24 am - America/Chicago
Employment in Belize (3 viewing)
Looking for work or a worker?
361 3559
Need Caretaker near Towerh...
(Sribhu) - Yesterday at 09:04 AM
Moving/Retiring to Belize (9 viewing)
Questions about moving to ro retiring in Belize.
998 15084
Re: House Hunters Internat...
(terdalfarm) - 10 April 14 11:22 am - America/Chicago
Buy, Sell, or Trade
Please, no Real Estate (it can go in the Real Estate section). Must be For Sale in Belize. Must be For Sale by owner. Would help if you listed location, condition, and price.
563 2660
Re: Tahoe for Sale
(ckocian) - 11 April 14 2:35 pm - America/Chicago
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Belize Culture (4 viewing)
Discussions about the arts, literature, life and times in Belize.
532 5649
Re: Legal requirement to l...
(bubblebreaker) - 07 April 14 8:43 am - America/Chicago
Belizean to Belizean (3 viewing)
A place for Belizeans to meet and exchange information about where, who and what.
564 4749
Re: Where to find 3 wheel ...
(JZB) - 15 April 14 3:40 pm - America/Chicago
Food in Belize (5 viewing)
Questions about, discussions on, restaurants reviews and recipes of Belizean cuisine.
558 6292
Re: Fyffes and Chiquita Pl...
(patrocle) - 11 March 14 7:58 am - America/Chicago
Current Events
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
The Belize Government (11 viewing)
Discussion about Government activities, policies, and legislation.
404 8329
Re: This is what Belize he...
(GZboat) - 04 April 14 9:30 am - America/Chicago
Weather in Belize
Discussion about weather in Belize including communications during hurricane season (July-Oct).
381 3400
Re: Weather station in Ora...
(Mathias) - 03 February 14 2:24 pm - America/Chicago
In the News (6 viewing)
Comments and discussion about current events and news stories from Belize
1066 15909
Re: NCL ?
(bubblebreaker) - 12 April 14 3:14 pm - America/Chicago
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Frequently Asked Questions about this forum and Belize
Moderator: nplwebmaster
9 95
Re: Money transfers to Bel...
(Tofshonts) - 27 April 13 2:17 pm - America/Chicago
Miscellaneous Belize (5 viewing)
A catch all forum...
1961 18366
Re: Nation of Waiters
(sigmund) - Yesterday at 05:55 AM
Tropical Biology: Plants, Animals, & Health in Belize (6 viewing)
Questions and Sources of data on plants and animals (wild and domestic), and health issues important in (or to) Belize.
631 7197
Re: Attack Of the Killer ...
(thecol) - Yesterday at 05:25 AM
Technology in Belize
All about technology in Belize including but not limited to computers, Internet, cell phones, etc.
197 2268
Re: Aquaponics in Dangriga
(JimTinker) - 28 February 14 6:34 am - America/Chicago
Forum Administration
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Introduce Yourself (2 viewing)
Let others know a little bit about you; more than what can be listed in your forum profile.
491 4421
Re: artist moving to Beliz...
(thecol) - 06 April 14 5:54 pm - America/Chicago
Important announcements about the forums or Naturalight Productions Websites.
Moderator: nplwebmaster, Tony
87 103
(Barnacle) - 27 September 13 8:07 am - America/Chicago
About Belize by Naturalight Website
Comments, ideas, suggestions and questions about this website.
Moderator: nplwebmaster, Tony
71 298
Thank you from the team Na...
(Tony) - 01 April 11 10:26 am - America/Chicago
Forum Suggestions (3 viewing)
Have a suggestion to make this forum better? Post it here.
211 2039
Re: Schools and Education
(2coldincanad) - 07 February 14 8:00 am - America/Chicago
Forum Support (2 viewing)
Having problems with the Belize Forums? Ask your question here or search for an answer to your problem before emailing support.
180 863
Re: Problems with the Foru...
(cayobound) - 24 February 14 8:34 pm - America/Chicago
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